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How much power? Prove it.

Our state-of-the-art MD-AWD-500-SE 2WD/AWD Mustang Dynamometer will tell you how much power your vehicle is really puttinng to the ground!

Ever wonder how much power your vehicle is really making?
If you want to see how much horse power and torque your vehicle is really making, or how well it can perform on a 1/4 mile track in a safe, simulated track environment, you want your vehicle tuned for optimum performance and driveability, we have you covered. If you tune your own vehicle or have your own tuner, our dyno can be rented by the hour or by the day, including after hours!

If you own a vehicle that we offer Dyno Tuning services for and would like your vehicle tuned for optimum performance please click HERE.

Dyno Rental Pricing

All dyno rental includes boost and air fuel ratio readings at no additional charge. (NOT included on baseline)

2WD & AWD Vehicles:

  • Baseline: $125 for 3 pulls with boost and wideband (if accessible bung). (add $15 for an additional 1/4 mile simulation run)
  • Hourly Rental: $125 for the first hour, $100 for each additional hour.
  • After Hours Rental: 6pm to 9am rental rate add 50%

Lowered Vehicles

Lowered vehicles may not have enough clearance to be strapped down safely or clear the dyno ramps. If you have an adjustable ride height suspension, please raise the vehicle to maximum height before your dyno session.


Please make sure your vehicle has no leaks of any kind and is in safe operating condition before your dyno appointment. Fluid Leaks on the dyno rollers at high speed are a safety hazard to the vehicle and operator.
A service fee of $20 will be applied to your bill if your vehicle leaks fluids on the dyno.


Please inspect your tires prior to your scheduled dyno session. If we think your tires to be unsafe for high vehicle speeds that can occur during testing we will not test your vehicle.


Dyno testing with slicks on the vehicle is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary for traction on the rollers. A lot of heat is generated by slicks and extended cool-down periods between runs is necessary to keep tire temperatures at a safe level and to prevent tire failure during testing. The dyno rollers are knurled for traction and may damage soft compound slicks contact area.

Boost Leak Test

A Boost Leak Test should be performed on all Turbo Charged Vehicles prior to scheduling your dyno session. Failure to do so can cause less than optimum results and disrupt your session. If you are not able to perform a boost leak test yourself, we can do this on site. Please schedule a boost leak test prior to your dyno session. MAINTNANCE WILL NOT BE PERFORMED ON YOUR VEHICLE WHILE IT IS STRAPPED ON THE DYNO DURING YOUR RENTAL SESSION. If service is necessary during a tuning session, it will be charged at the Tuning Labor Rate, and will result in additional strap down fees.

Plugs, Oil and Air Filter

It is recommended that your replace your spark plugs, oil, oil filter, and air filter just prior to your dyno session. These items can have a large effect on the results of your session. Tuning can place a great deal of stress on your engine, and it is recommended that you change your oil again after a long tuning session. This is relatively inexpensive, and can prevent costly engine damage.


Please bring have enough fuel for your dyno appointment. If you are having your car tuned, please ensure the fuel tank is FULL, and contains the same grade (octane) fuel you intend to use in the vehicle. We do not carry fuel on-site! If you have special fuel requirements, please let us know ahead of time so we can accomodate them. IF WE ARE REQUIRED TO FUEL YOUR CAR TO COMPLETE ITS TUNING SESSION, OUR FUEL RATE IS GOING PUMP RATE X 2.

Multiple Fuel Types

If you are having your vehicle tuned for multiple fuels (ie E85 and gasoline, or race fuel and pump fuel) bring the car with half a tank of the fuel you intend to tune for first and additional fuel in 5 gallon cans so fuel can be added if necessary. Please let us know when you are scheduling your appointment that you intend on tuning for mulitiple fuels so that enough time is scheduled for you.

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