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About Kozmic Motorsports

 At Kozmic Motorsports we strive to bring the highest quality workmanship in everything we do. Whether a simple 10 minute job or a full turn-key build, we will deliver the best. Shortcuts are not taken. Longevity, reliability and results are the key principles when working on your vehicle. Our web store will offer you the best parts we have used and tested. Just as I would not recommend certain products when you walk into our shop, I will not offer to sell them online. Rest assured that what we are selling on here, we have used, tested, and gained trust in. Feel free to give us a call should you have any questions or concerns or want to make sure what are buying is sending you in the right direction.

To all of you, from all of us at Kozmic Motorsports - Thank you!
Eric Koester - Owner, Kozmic Motorsports

 Enjoy his short documentary shot in our shop, explaining a little about us:

Faster Than from Steven Phillips on Vimeo.

Meet the Staff!

Eric Koester - Owner/Tuner/Transmission Diagnostics- Eric has 26 years as an airframe and power plant mechanic and lead technician on the airliners you see flying daily. His attention to detail has followed from that career into the automotive industry and our shop. Eric's personal car is a 2010 R35 GTR (Test Mule), making 1250whp. His previous car was the record setting texas mile 2008 EVO X MR which is now gone but not forgetten. His passion for tinkering started at a young age and never seems to leave him, as he continues to take perfectly working things apart to figure them out in detail. Eric is the brains behind most of the tuning and transmission program. His favorite drink of choice being NOS energy drink (you will be his best friend if you bring him 1 or 2, preferably 3).

David Geiger - Manager/Fabricator - David has 11 years in the automotive performance industry. It started with a Mazda3 and progressed to his 2003 Evo8, affectionately known as Big Bird, that started his true need for power. Although "Big Bird" (2003 Lightning Yellow Evo8) is no longer around, David cannot be without an Evo for more than a brief period. David oversees daily operations at Kozmic Motorsports, ensuring we are moving with forward progress. When spare time allows, develops new products to add to the Kozmic Motorsports' product catalog. On his free time, you will catch David working on his personal cars, currenly finding ways to get his world record setting 2009 Ralliart into the 8s (crossing fingers).

Oz Osborne - Sales and Service Writer - When calling the general sales line at Kozmic, chances are you will be talking to Oz (Yes like wizard of Oz). Oz came in with gerenal automotive knowledge and we have him up to speed on the best parts selecetion and service paths to educate our customers on. You will likely always see Oz with a smile and a great attitude, making him a great addition to the team here at Kozmic. Oz has a SUPER clean 2006 Evo9, currently getting a fresh built motor and an ETS 6466 Kit, should hit his goal of 300whp :).

Onix Garcia - Lead Technician/Magic Man/Welding - Onix is the lead technician at Kozmic Motorsports. With over 14 years in the automotive performance industry, no job is to big or to small for him. Some of you may know him from his FWD Honda days, but believe it or not he owns a 2003 Evo8 now which its still not running. Onix usually will be found working on a car here, however he can occasionally be spotted staring at something and putting his brain at work coming out with new ideas, ocassionally even on the TIG welder. When not at work, Onix spends time changing his mind on the Evo and adding more parts to it however it is still on schedule for TX2K28. Onix also likes long walks on the beach, fruity drinks, hot fries, red bulls and candy.

Mikkail Diedrich - Technician - Mik's automotive background comes from dealership work at Subaru and Infinity. His Subaru background is very comprehensive. (We have been beating Evos into his brain and he seems to be taking it well). Mik is our lead Subaru tech here, however he is not afraid to get his hands dirty on other platforms. When not working, Mik enjoys drinking water and working on his 2006 STi.

Max Withrow - Transmission Technician – With a TON of Subaru background, max leads our transmission department as the main trans tech. Max is extremely knowledgable in all the transmission platofrms we support, including the Nissan GTR. On his time off, Max enjoys working on his large collection of very old Subarus.

Taran Vair - Transmission Technician – Taran is our go to guy for the EvoX/RA SST Builds on the DCT470 transmissions here at Kozmic. He is also who you will commonly deal with in the transmission sales department to make sure you get the exact build to fit your needs. Taran has a forever basemapped 2010 EvoX with a 35r and supporting modifications.

Greg Baggett - Technician – As a factory trained Nissan technician, Greg has extensive experience with Nissan platforms. Greg is an avid automotive enthusiast, who's personal car is a 2007 Subaru STI roller and a Fiesta ST daily. His attention to detail and “do it right the first time” attitude make him a perfect fit in the Kozmic Motorsports team.

Matt Tijerina - Shop Assistant/Shipping/Transmission Testing - Matt is one of our newest additions to the team here at Kozmic. You will see him gettting transmissions tested and ready ready to ship out as well as helping techs when needed. Matt also handles putting cars on the dyno and general shop cleaning. He owns a 335i BMW that is nearly always apart and doesnt fit in here at all (But it has bigger turbos!).

Morgan KoesterParts Department - Morgan does anything and everything related to parts at Kozmic. Including Ordering them, checking on order status, custom parts kit building, etc of course this is a key position at Kozmic. She has a 2010 Ralliart with bolt ons and a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek, a mix of both worlds.

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