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Kozmic Motorsports 2009 Ralliart #K27RA

Current Achievements:
-Quickest/Fastest Stock Turbo, 93 Octane Ralliart: 12.509@110.71mph*
-Quickest/Fastest Stock Turbo, E85 Ralliart: 11.776@115.54mph (7.545@93.52 1/8)
-First Stock Turbo Ralliart in the 11s.
-Quickest/Fastest 1/8 mile (mph) stock EvoX Turbo powered Lancer 4B11T- 6.949@102.17mph
-Quickest/Fastest ¼ mile (mph) stock EvoX Turbo powered Lancer 4B11T- 10.826@125.65mph
-Quickest/Fastest Ralliart (9.433@154.44)
-Quickest/Fastest Stock Appearing Turbo 1/8 Mile: 6.333@115.21 10/4/2015 (116.46mph 1/8th on 10/3/15)
-Quickest/Fastest Stock Appearing Turbo 1/4 Mile: 9.782@141.58 10/4/2015 (143.54mph 1/4th on 10/3/15)
-Quickest/Fastest SST 1/8 Mile: 6.219@119.61 11/8/2015
-Quickest/Fastest SST 1/4 Mile: 9.433@154.44 11/8/2015
-Third Fastest Lancer Evo/Ralliart in the world in the 1/4 mile.
-Quickest/Fastest Stock ECU

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