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Kozmic Gen2 (2010+) Ms3 Catch Can Kit

Kozmic Gen2 (2010+) Ms3 Catch Can Kit

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Kozmic Gen2 Ms3 Catch Can Kit



- Fits in Drivers bumper area, making it have easy access for draining. We have also designed it to clear most cold air intakes on the market.
- 100% Developed, Designed, and Constructed in House

- High Quality 10AN Fittings utilize 5/8” hose to your oem PCV breather and valve cover. High Temp caps are included for the intake manifold and intake with clamps.
- High quality CNC bent aluminum is used for rigid construction and exact fitment for all 2010+ MS3s.

- Recommended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY

Many overlook the need for a VENTED, Large Hose catch can system in the quest for their HP achievements. Kozmic wanted to take a first hand approach towards creating a unique solution for the Mazdaspeed community. The K27 Catch Can was inspired and developed from in house R&D, track testing, and numerous road and drag racing victories in multiple platforms. If you're looking to prolong the life of your motor, add power, and not brake the bank in the process.......look no further!

Q: Why Do I need a Catch Can? What does it Really Do?
A: All motors suffer from "piston blow-by" during a combustion event in the cylinder. Forced Induction (turbo, supercharger,etc) see a very tremendous amount of blow by due to the fact you are creating a positive charge entering the cylinder and in turn making a bigger "boom". While Naturally Aspirated motors can see gains from a proper ventilation system, forced inductions cars will see an extreme gain comparatively.

Q: What am I actually gaining from venting the crankcase with the catch can?
A: Positive pressure in the crankcase creates pressure on your pistons as they are coming down, you will notice in the charts below that spool and low end (even in a stock turbo situation) was improved. The main reason for purchasing this kit is not HP gains, that is the bonus. What you can expect from this kit and venting the engine properly is better oil longevity, your oil will not break down as fast, as the catch can is catching alot of the contaminates and gasses that break down your oil (leading to longer bearing/motor life). Another positive side to venting the crankcase, especially on the Mazdaspeed3 is that your seals/gaskets will hold up longer – oil pan, rear main seals, crank seals, timing cover sealant, most of these do not go out from age, but from constant changing in pressure and moving so slightly as to change how they ride on the cams/crank - causing them to leak in most cases after time.

Q: Why is no one else running a kit setup like this?
A: "We are not out to re-invent the wheel, we just want it to turn faster" . Look at what other communities are doing in the automotive world for catch can systems, and you will find that many run a setup very similar. This is a proven part if manufactured and designed correctly.

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