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Please review our DYNO page to assure your car is in proper condition to get on the dyno for tuning. Should you have any doubts if your car is in these conditions, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment for a free inspection to check your car.

Most of our tuning services are flat rate and include dyno time. 
Click here for downloadable tuning price list <---Coming Soon
Notice: We reserve the right to change tuning prices with or without notice. Heavily modified forced induction applications will require a price quote based on the modification level and time expected to tune the vehicle.

Note: All vehicles tuned require a pre dyno inspection and compression test (at our discression). Compression tests are charged book rate for the vehicle being inspected. 

OEM ECU Dyno Tuning Services for Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan (including the GTR), Infinity, Ford EcoBoost, BMW and Porsche platforms. We are authorized Cobb Pro Tuners for Nissan GTR, Porsche, Subaru, Ford EcoBoost,  Mitsubishi, BMW and Mazda Vehicles. We are authorized Tuners for all Up Rev and EcuTeck supported Nissan and Infinity vehicles. Standalone ECU Tuning for most systems available, including Haltech, AEM and Pro EFI.

Cobb PRO Tuner: Nissan GTR35; Subaru; MazdaSpeed; Mitsubishi Evolution X, Ford EcoBoost, BMW, Porsche (NEW!)
Open Source: Mitsubishi Evolution ONLY
Up Rev: Nissan and Infinity vehicles
EcuTek: Nissan Supported Vehicles
Standalone Ecu: AEM (Series 1/2 and Infinity Factory Trained), Haltech Factory Trained, ProEfi, Motec, and More.

Hondata and Other Platforms:  No longer offered
 No longer offered
Mazda Edit: NA Mazda No longer offered

Please read the AWD DYNO page before scheduling your tuning session.

For Dyno tuning, we use our in house Mustang AWD Dynometer. We chose this dynometer for it's unsurpassed road simulation ability. Unlike many tuning shops that focus on wide open throttle only, we calibrate every aspect of the ecu for precise, unserpassed driveability and throttle response in ALL conditions. We understand the demands different types of driving and racing put on an engine and tune accordingly. Each vehicle receives an individual custom calibration based on logged data while tuning. We pride ourselves on reliable, driveable, and stable ECU tuning that will allow you to fully realize your vehicles potential while maintaining OEM or better than OEM driveability. 

Tuning Services offered:
In house dyno tuning
Full E85 fuel conversions
Remote LIVE dyno tuning
Remote email tuning (Resumes March 1st 2015)
On track special tuning Temporary black out period in effect due to in house tuning schedule
Transmission Tuning support for Mitsubishi SST equipped vehicles - Only offered with purchase of SST related products from Kozmic Motorsports.
Per incident technical and training support

Current Achievements:
-Fastest EvoX in the standing mile: 200.1mph @ Texas Mile #K27MR
-Highest HP and TQ SST Equipped EvoX: 690hp & 455 ft/lbs #K27MR
-Fastest Stock Turbo, 93 Octane Ralliart: 12.509@110.71mph #K27RA
-Fastest Stock Turbo, E85 Ralliart: 11.776@115.54mph #K27RA (Currenty 2nd quickest RA in the world)

Honorable Mentions:
2007 Sti - Built 2.5L GTX3582 93octane, 460hp - 11.6@125mph #K27GD
2007 Sti - Built 2.5L GTX3582 E85, 566hp - 10.33@134.7mph #K27GD
2013 Sti - Stg2 E85 310hp - 12.45@109mph #K27GR
2003 Evo8 - 2.0L 6466 E85 Stock Ecu - 10.01@149mph #projectsimplewhite


World's Fastest EvoX - Kozmic Motorsports EvoX MR - 200.8mph in the standing mile at Texas Mile 

500+WHP EvoX MR with SST Transmission - Kozmic built and tuned with Kozmic  Motorsports clutch pack. 93 Octane.

Kozmic Subaru Tuning

933 WHP SSP GT-R Goes 218.6 MPH @ The TEXAS MILE, March 2012
This car was TUNED IN HOUSE on our Mustang All Wheel Drive Dynometer using the stock ECU and Cobb Access Tuner (Access Port) software.

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