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2022+ WRX Kozmic K300 Package Stage 1

Kozmic Motorsports has spent extensive time testing the best performance parts on the market over countless hours on the dyno and thousands of street driven miles to bring you some of the best packages on the market. We have thoroughly tested these packages to be both safe and reliable for the every day daily driver, as well as making great power for the avid enthusiast. 

Please note ALL of these packages will require tuning with purchase, see the drop down menus on the product purchase pages to select tuning options.


Our K350 package is an entry level package to start the process of opening up your WRX to what most consider how it should come from the factory. We start with a completely stock car and focus on the basic modifications with the largest gain per dollar. If you already have modifications, we can complete your vehicle to the K350 Package with ease, just give us a call. When choosing the parts for our power packages many concerns come into play leading us to a select few options we offer.

  • Fitment - 100% OEM Fitment, no modification required. No rubbing or contacting other parts in the area, etc.

  • Manufacturing Quality and Warranty - Amazing part quality and manufacturing techniques, with outstanding warranties on the entire system.


One of the first mods to the car is opening up the intake tract before the turbocharger. Keeping the intake tract very OEM friendly here, we install a quality high flow air filter, still maintaining great filtration for dirty environments. This filter is serviceable, meaning it can be cleaned, oiled and reused - typically for the life of the vehicle.

Panel Filter.JPG


Exhaust is something many owners commonly look forward to with adding some "rumble" to the tone. Our K350 package offers 2 optional catback exhausts - Invidia R400 Exhaust -or- ETS Catback Exhaust. Both feature 3" Stainless Mandrel Bent Tubing with TIG Welded Joints and Flanges. These are direct fitment to the OEM downpipe. There are options to both of these exhausts, upon request we can offer other brands as well.

R400 22 WRX.jpg

Other Parts / Services Included:

  • DYNO TUNING / REMOTE E-Tune Service
  • Cobb Tuning Accessport is the obvious choice to handle the tuning side of the power package. The AP also allows the driver to view data in real time as well as send logs to our tuning staff should any concerns arise.

Stage 1 2022+ WRX.PNG

*12% DynoJet Correction  Applied*

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