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Kozmic Valve Cleaning Service

Kozmic Motorsports offers complete valve cleaning service for all modern direct injection engines. Very commonly DI (Direct Injection) engines will develop a light to severe build up on the intake valves. This is caused from oil and crankcase recirculation among other things entering the charge system. This build up will "grow" on the valve as well as the intake port of the cylinder head. This causes a restriction in flow as well as a disturbance in the airflow of the port and around the valve. Meaning it is harming not only peak power, but even at light load it can cause reduced fuel economy. In severe cases, it can lead to high knock sums due to such a disturbance in air flow.

We perform this service often on common DI Platforms, such as the 2015+ WRX, Mazdaspeeds, MK7+ Volkswagens, Ford Ecoboost and more. We employ the walnut media blast technique, which ensures the safety of the engine should any blasting media remain in the port even after the clean up stages. 

Pricing varies heavily on the platform as the intake manifold does need to be removed, with associated gaskets replaced during the removal.


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