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Thank you for choosing Kozmic Motorsports for your transmission builds/needs. This is a brief explanation of the simple do’s and don’ts regarding your transmission!


The transmission ships FULL of fluid for all overhaul customers. It is NORMAL for some fluid to seep out of the clutch compartment cover after sitting prior and during shipping. When the transmission is not mated to an engine the torque damper nub will lower allowing some fluid to leak out. -if you are unsure if the transmission is full please ask-


Do not launch car when transmission temperature is below 70C. Launching places extreme loading on the clutches.  This is amplified when the transmission is cold.

Do not press the car on a cold transmission. The oil used to cool the clutch has a higher viscosity when cold. Cold oil does not flow well through the clutch and also reduces the torque capacity of the clutch.

Do not over cool transmission. This can affect the transmission the same as above. *A Dodson heated sump is suggested whilst maintaining the OEM SST thermostat. This is even more important in cold climates. Over cooling can reduce operating temperature causing clutch wear. The OEM SST thermostat for the cooler is set at 75C.

Let the SST cool down when necessary. If the transmission gives an overheat message, cool the transmission down by idling the car in neutral or park. If the car has been driven hard for a long period of time (ex: road course racing), the SST temp will be high, as will oil and coolant temps. Some normal driving to keep fluid moving through the cooler with airflow will bring temps down safely.

Do not WOT in Normal or Sport. Normal and Sport mode command lower initial pressure at the clutch than S-Sport mode. This can cause excessive clutch wear by allowing more slip.

Do not run aftermarket fluid. Use only OEM Diaqueen SSTF part number C0002610. After market fluid immediately voids any warranty on the transmission.

Correct service interval for transmission is 15k-20k miles. High power or cars that see track duty, cut this in half. Replacing the fluid is cheap insurance against having any severe clutch or valve body damage.

Performing a teach in on the transmission occasionally is beneficial, but not required.

If the engine in the car is not 100% stock, the torque tables in the ECU for the engine must be adjusted correctly. Failure to do so can cause extreme clutch damage and poor transmission performance. Cars with after-market intakes require an engine ECU calibration. The SST relies heavily on the MAF to calculate torque. By changing the intake, the MAF reads differently, and this can affect the SST).


Do not let off the throttle between shifts at high load. When accelerating, the SST has the upshift gear selected and inverse for decelerating. Lifting of the throttle decreases clutch pressure. Letting off the throttle during the shift may confuse the transmission. This can cause a delayed shift and slip.

When in S-Sport manual at light throttle, it is okay to lift off accelerator when shifting to soften the shift.



Drive the car in S-sport as often as possible. The computer commands 25% less pressure to the clutch in normal and sport than in S-sport. Driving the car in S-sport will ensure that the clutch is given all of the pressure available when the car is pressed. Failure to do so can result in excess clutch wear, and in severe cases catastrophic clutch overheat and failure. Normal mode for freeway cruise, THIS IS OKAY.

Any other questions or concerns please CONTACT OUR TRANSMISSION DEPARTMENT. Thanks from team Kozmic!

Kozmic SST Driving and Operation Guide

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