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Retreiving Logs from Accesport to Computer (See below for pictures)

Step 1: Make sure you have Cobb Accessport Manager downloaded and installated on your computer. You can find it to download here.

Step 2: Once you have Accessport Manager open, plug your AP into the computer using the Micro USB cord and let it boot up. If there is an update, click ignore unless instructed to update (Please let us know there is an update available for your AP).

Step 3: Once the Accessport is booted and connected. You will see the Filter drop down near the top left. Select "ALL FILES".

Step 4: Now you will see Maps, Datalogs, Log Lists, Etc. If you have been instructed to send a log to Kozmic locate the Datalogs in the list. The highest number is the most recent log. Once you have selected which one(s) you want to save (can use CRTL to select more than one). On the right click the "Save Selected Files to my Computer" button. Save where desired, then email as attachments to Kozmic.

Side Buttons.PNG

Upload Tune to Accesport to Computer (See below for picture)

Follow Steps 1-3 above. Step 4: Once you have the new tune file saved from your email, select the Upload to Accessport Button, locate the new tune file on your computer to upload. Once complete you will see the new map in the list, click "Eject AP" from the the top menu - you can now go flash the car.

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