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Kozmic Motorsports is a specialty automotive company for Ford EcoBoost, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru performance platforms in Houston, TX. Services offered include performance modification, service, repair, alignment, ECU tuning, AWD dyno rental, fabrication, routine maintenance and fuel injector service.  Kozmic Motorsports also will work with most extended warranty (repair insurance) companies. All levels of service and repair are offered from oil changes to full overhaul. Kozmic Motorsports is also the world’s leading Getrag DCT470 (SST) Transmission specialist. Scroll down to read more detail about specific services we offer.

We stock Amsoil, DRIVEN (Joe Gibbs), Redline, and OEM Fluids, Wix and Denso filters for most Acura, Honda, Infinity, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru Applications are also in stock..


Getrag DCT470 (SST) Transmission Specialists.   
Kozmic Motorsports is the world’s leader for Getrag DCT470 performance upgrades, diagnostics, and repair.  As an authorized Dodson Motorsport dealer and installer, and a member of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, you can be assured that your costly transmission is in the best hands possible. With manufacturer prototype testing, repair product development, long term durability testing, and component destructive failure testing all done in house, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to keep these transmissions performing at their best, from basic on vehicle service to complete overhaul.


ECU Calibrations Specialists.
Using an in house All Wheel Drive Mustang chassis dynamometer, Kozmic Motorsports can properly calibrate your vehicles ECU to achieve factory, or in many cases better than factory drivability, as well as improved power output.  Whether you have a factory OEM ECU or a modern Stand Alone System, we can properly calibrate it for you. Refer to our tuning page for list supported ECU’s and vehicles.


Fuel Injector Service
Kozmic Motorsports offers complete fuel injector service for all modern electronic and direct injection (GDI) fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are cleaned and tested using modern, state of the art, computer controlled cleaning and testing equipment. Rates for fuel injector service are $20.00 per electronic fuel injector, and $25 per GDI injector. Should one of your fuel injectors be unserviceable, you will not be charged for service or time on that injector. Injector service includes cleaning, before and after flow testing, and a data print out of before and after injector performance.


Alignment Service
Kozmic Motorsports offers 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignments. Alignments are done on a modern, computerized, state of the art John Bean alignment rack with customized extended drive on ramps. This allows us to align vehicles with exceptionally low ground clearance and after-market coil-over suspension systems or lowering springs. Our alignment rack has one of the lowest approach angles in all of Houston Texas.


AWD Dynamometer
Kozmic Motorsports uses a Mustang All Wheel Drive Dynamometer. This dyno was chosen for its unsurpassed road simulation ability. For mor information, please see our AWD Dyno page.


Fabrication and Welding Services
Kozmic Motorsports offers both on and off vehicle fabrication and welding services for steel and aluminum parts. TIG and MIG welding, as well as Plasma Cutting are available. We can fabricate custom charge piping, inter cooler piping, exhaust systems, fuel surge tanks and much more.


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