Dodson Heated Sump Kit
  • Dodson Heated Sump Kit



    DODSON MOTORSPORT SST SUMP KIT The Dodson Motorsport SST Sump is the best temperature control solution on the market for the Getrag DCT470 transmission, more commonly referred to as the SST. Since a billet pan is part of the kit, it is also the best value, costing hundreds less than billet pan cooler combinations from competitors. At Kozmic Motorsports, we tested this unit on our world record holding 200mph Evolution MR and found it to out perform every transmission cooler on the market, actually keeping the transmission temperature in it's optimum range. Utilizing the same method that most auto manufacturers use to control transmission temperature, the kit uses the engines coolant to maintain the transmission in its best operating temperature range. When the transmission is cold, it speeds warm up. When the transmission is hot, the engine coolant cools the transmission. A built in thermostat protect the transmission should the engine over heat. This results in a very stable transmission temperature, which is critical for best operation of the transmission. Designed to heat SST transmission fluid quickly to operating temperature and keep it there. Billet construction with embossed DMS logo. CNC for exact fitment. Increased rigidity, coupled with increased volume. Temp gauge fitting port - 1/8" NPT. Built in thermostat protects the transmission should the engine over heat. Kit comes with all AN fittings, high temp nomex braided hoses and now includes a pan gasket for convenience and ease of installation. Kozmic Motorsports is the World's leading Getrag DCT470 / SST Transmission Expert!