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Evo X/RA Tuning Cables

Evo X/RA Tuning Cables

Ready to flash your Evo or Ralliart? You will need some cables to go along with that awesome software to unlock the hidden Horsepower inthe ECU.


The Tactrix 2.0 Open Port is used to flash the engine ECU as well as other body control modules, etc in the car.


For tuning, you will be using a wideband gauge for fueling, such as the ever popular AEM gauge. To record this data in your laptop while tuning the car via  EvoScan software you need some adapter cables to have that information get to the laptop.

First being a Serial adapter cable. You will wire the signal wire to the serial output wire on your wideband gauge and the ground to the serial ground output on the gauge.

Second cable is a serial to USB cable, becuase lets face it - No one has a serial port on a computer anymore. This will be the final hardware touch to have the wideband readings populate into EvoScan.