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Fuel Pump Relay Kit
  • Fuel Pump Relay Kit

    Genuine OEM Relays to replace the old out dated relays found on your Evox and Ralliart. These are the latest "Orange" Relays. Kozmic recommends replacing the Fuel Pump relay (all the orange relays are the same) every other oil change (6,000 miles) for safety on the engine. We have seen the older black, green and blue relays fail as soon as 5k miles. The Orange ones seem to be the best fo far, but they still fail long term (Typically 10K+ miles). You can purchase just 1 fuel pump relay, or the full TSB Kit if you want to update all the other relays and avoid failure of other non-essential items later (Still issues, but not engine failure related).


    We also have the option to "Bulk Purchase" the fuel pump relays.