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Kozmic EvoX and Ralliart Firewall Heatshield
  • Kozmic EvoX and Ralliart Firewall Heatshield

    Kozmic Motorsports Evo 10 / X and Ralliart Firewall Heatshield replace the fimsy and thin OEM shield with a CNC cut and bent aluminum shield. The much larger than OEM design provides extensive added heat protection for the firewall, focusing on protecting the every expensive ABS pump and harness in the back corner of the engine bay. TIG welded, the shield has 1 piece construction for a solid lifetime use. Bolts to OEM points on the firewall, clearing the OEM and Aftermarket OEM replacement turbo kits, as well as the popular and preferred ETS top mount kits (Including the T4 Twin Scroll top mount kits).


    These shields are 100% USA made here IN TEXAS. They are in stock and on the shelf ready to ship now!


    Note: Check clearance on AC lines behind the shield on install. In some small cases it may be necessary to push the AC lines back gently to keep them off the shield.