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Kozmic Subaru Wideband Logging Kit (Rear O2 Logging)

Kozmic Subaru Wideband Logging Kit (Rear O2 Logging)

Kozmic Subaru Wideband Logging Kit


This kit replaces the REAR O2 SENSOR FOR TUNING WIDEBAND PURPOSES. You will have codes if using Cobb and this kit together. It will display AFR voltage at the rear o2 voltage. 


This kit will allow you to see and log your actual AFR via your Cobb Tuning Accessport! 100% plug and play, you will now be able to log your wideband for accurate tuning with Remote or E-Tunes, as well as have additional data for adjustments on the street or track!


Utilizing the newest Bosch 4.9 fast response wideband sensor, you can now log 8.50-18.00 Gasoline Air Fuel Ratio.


Easily installed in ~15 minutes once under the car, this is a no brainer over installing a wideband gauge assembly. No running wires through the firewall or mounting annoying gauge pods, simply install the sensor, plug in the controller, secure and you are ready to go!


See our installation video on YouTube that covers the complete installation start to finish, or find the PDF install guide in the downloads section.


Note: Your tune will need this logging and display feature activated. Simply let your tuner know you are now logging the wideband through the rear o2 signal and for them to calibrate the input ( 0.5v=8.5 AFR, 4.5v=18.00 AFR).

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    $385.99Sale Price