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Nissan R35 Dyno Tune
  • Nissan R35 Dyno Tune

    Looking for improved power output and the best drive-ability possible? Look no further than Kozmic Motorsports for your tuning solutions. Working with the best tuners in the industry here in house we can deliver a superior product at a very affordable price.


    With leading industry tuning knowledge we can make your street car shine as a daily driver or weekend warrior. We also have extensive experience in tuning drag and road course based vehicles. Autocross rules limit modifications and tuning? No problem here at Kozmic, we are familiar and work within SCCA sanctioned event rules if requested.


    Your Nissan GTR will be tuned using Cobb Tuning OR Ecutek tuning methods. Note Cobb Tuning requires the Cobb Accessport and EcuTek Requires a Licensing Fee if not already flashed before.


    Your Tuning Session Includes:

    • Complete color print out with graphed horsepower, torque and boost readings.
    • Flat rate charged tuning session including Idle, Cruise, Partial Throttle and Wide Open Throttle Tuning.
    • Launch Control Setup if requested to obtian certian RPM or boost level for launch.
    • Complete Transmission Tuning


    HIghly Recomended to have our in house pre-dyno inspection completed prior to tuning. This inspection includes:

    • Compression Test
    • Borescope Camera Inspection of bores, piston tops, valves and combustion chamber
    • Spark Plug condition inspection (no charge to replace while inspection is being performed, we stock NGK plugs in house)
    • Smoke / Boost Leak Test - checking for vaccum or boost leaks in the intake and boost charge system that can lead to poor idle and reduce power output.
    • Detailed inspection of boost control hoses for condition and correct routing.
    • 3 Page visual inspection of entire vehicle for general health and condition to assure safe operation of vehicle on dyno and street.